Our Vision

Reign Research's mission is to provide services to address health, social and economic disparities among minorities in and around Dallas County. We focus on educating individuals on their health risk and informing them on the importance of medical care.


Our goal is to eliminate the stigma of participating in clinical trials while offering medical treatment at no cost to those who would otherwise have no means of medical care. We want to be ambassadors to the community we service to build their confidence in medical advances and vaccines while researching the underlying social factors and or diseases.


Reign Research  and Reign Haven along with a partnership with Think Safe, a Black woman-owned, Germicidal Cleaning Manufacturer, have teamed up to provide clinic and vaccine access to communities that have been affected by the lack of inclusion throughout clinical research. In many cases, these neighborhoods have been disproportionality affected and have endured unsafe environments through toxic cleaning products and other forms of neglect.


With a non-flammable and non-toxic cleaning agent, Think Safe Founder Anthara Patrice and Nuclear Chemist Troy Cox intends to produce the necessary products to better the overall safety of community residents.


While continuing to inform the public of the many updates and progression of the vaccine,

Reign Research wants to create a seamless and safe administering of the vaccine for the

population who are qualified to receive the vaccine.


“It is our most urgent priority in this

pandemic to be able to provide a safe environment for low socio-economic communities to have vaccine distribution opportunities for their families while keeping retention rates low,”

says Reign Research CEO, Artise Shannon. While we promise to follow the guidance from

local health departments and the Centers for Disease Control on vaccine distribution plans, this

unit will serve as a great alternative for people who are concerned about how they are going to 

 successfully receive or have access to the necessary medical care.


Press Contact: Press@reignresearch.com